Champerene Herbal Supplements


Herbal products in the Champerene range have emerged from traditional recipes using only the best quality herbs.

All our recipes are created by our qualified herbalist and are hand mixed from 100% natural ingredients, free from additives. As we mix all our products to order, we can also offer a bespoke service, where we can make mixes tailored to suit your animals individual needs, feel free to contact us to discuss your pets requirements.

Why Feed Herbs ??

Most health-conscious people know that a deficiency or imbalance in the diet will affect performance, temperament and, eventually, health. There are many methods of adjusting imbalances and easing general health problems with the use of pure herbs. Herbs work in a holistic way by treating the whole body, rather than just one specific symptom, and therefore give a greater feeling of well-being. They work by creating balance in the body and so encourage self-healing. It's important to remeber that herbal products do not give dramatic instant effects but work gradually over time to improve overall health.

Sadly, there are very few herbs left growing naturally in our ever-decreasing meadows, grasslands and hedgerows, but the Champerene range of products will give you the opportunity to re-introduce your animal to a natural source of goodness.